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Herbal ReLeaf

For my Senior Thesis, I focused on the benefits of natural herbs and how they can be used alone or with cannabis and CBD to relieve health issues. The logo incorporates the lotus leaf known for its relaxing and soothing properties.

Herbal ReLeaf Stationary

Herbal ReLeaf App & Website

The app and website are designed to find more information about what natural herbs are and which would best help the customer's needs. There is a quiz to help direct the customer and more information about herbs, CBD and cannabis is also available. Through the app and website, natural herb kits can be purchased.

Herbal ReLeaf Packaging

Each box is themed to match a health issue and give you natural herbs to fit those needs.

Herbal ReLeaf Trifold

Along with the kit, a trifold would be included which contains information about natural herbs, CBD and cannabis.